Their actions reveal the level of Wisdom they have gained.

No value judgment applies to any level.

*          *          *

Knowledge must come first.  Then, perhaps, Understanding. Then, perhaps, Wisdom.

Attaining Knowledge is how we start. Understanding then may come, but only by trying.

Wisdom consists in how well we apply our Understanding on behalf of others.

Knowledge is an ever present potential. It is always available, before our very eyes,

but it will be seen and known only if we are prepared and ready to Know.

Knowing a limited segment of the potential is not Knowledge;  Knowledge is unlimited.

We Understand only that which we are prepared and ready to Understand;

until we have become prepared and ready, we will not Understand what we know.

Being prepared, and being ready, are not the same thing.  The mind must be open.

Even when we are prepared and ready, we may not notice – unless we are trying.

Knowledge, then Understanding, then Wisdom, are attained only through trying.

There is no upper limit to Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom – or openness of mind.

Understanding and Wisdom, together, reflect spiritual growth. Growth is not guaranteed.

Our status of Understanding, whatever we have gained, is not to be judged. It just is.

We must apply this absence of judgment to everyone.  This will be very difficult,

but it is the only way we ourselves will grow in Wisdom, and attain spiritual growth.

Never forget:  people seek Knowledge only if they are prepared and ready to seek.

They Understand only what they are prepared and ready to Understand.

Their actions reveal the level of Wisdom they have gained.

We must try to recognize Understanding and Wisdom in the actions of others,

For what we recognize reflects our own attainment of Understanding and Wisdom,

and our own spiritual growth.

*          *          *

Our personal goal is spiritual growth.

Our purposes are these:        Help others.       Attain knowledge.


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