See the dancers! Running turning

Watch the colors of their clothes

As they swirl across the ballroom

While the music lifts their feet


Hear the fiddles in the band

Piano, flute and dulcimers

Notice how they change the key up

See the dancers lift their feet!


June is magic in Berea

See the purple foothills shining

From the old white balcony

Of our favorite hall for dancing


Here we’ll gather memories

Of their faces happy smiling

Swiftly goes the ladies chain

Promenade now back to places

Twirl the ladies, partners all


See the harvest moon in June now

Rising gently o’er the foothills

Rising as we play our music

Seen by all the summer dancers

Gliding waltzing round the hall

Surely God has blest us all


William D. Coffey

Summer 1988



Like the deer and fox and beaver

   did I winter in the woods

All surrounded by the forest

   on the hill above the lake

In the Cumberland with dancers

   in the yuletide of the season

In the fellowship rejoicing

   as we danced for dancing’s sake.

* * *

In the spirit of the mummers

   of the fiddle, pipe and music

That so fully lift the spirit

   high above the distant lake

Where we all were as the children

   with their innocent example

Living fellowship of dancers

   friendships formed for friendship’s sake.

* * *

Life I’ll celebrate in dancing

   I’ll be found by fireside singing

With the kindred spirits ringing

   dancers’ bells above the lake

Linking ancient sword tradition

   in a joyful new rendition

To a marvelous fruition

   of the dance for dancing’s sake.


Don Coffey

January 1990

*The rest of the story:

For Winter In The Woods 1990-91, where the staff were:

T Auxier               Chris Bischoff

Iris Brown              Mark Cannon

Neil Caudill            Don Coffey

Pat Davis               Kris Litchman

Sylvia McGirt        Peter Rogers

Phyllis Rogers      Sally Wilson


Musically featuring from Albuquerque, NM

The Boxwood Consort

Linda Askew         Jack Klintworth

Bill Litchman         Scott Mathis         Pam Morden


Don and Sylvia wed at ten minutes past midnight


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