1. Discerning Push and Pull


* On the imbalance and the tension *

Opposing forces drive all motion,

Unexplainable urges, energies, drive all life…

…not unlike the poles of twin magnets – there: they pull, together,

…until one magnet is reversed, and – there: they push, apart;

but identical twin magnets they remain.

* * *

* On natural push and natural pull *

MACRO: from the atom clear on up:

Molecules and compounds – structures all – binary life, survive and reproduce –

– planet – star – galaxy – cluster – supercluster – interstellar vacuum…

…and dark matter mystery, gravity is pulling, pulling, structures all, all emerging;

…and dark energy mystery is pushing, pushing; all the universe expanding. All.

MICRO: from the atom clear on down:

Particle-wavicle nucleus – proton/neutron – quark and…mystery yet again…

…weak force pushing, pushing, radiation radiating, nuclear power from nuclei.

…strong force pulling, pulling: e=mc2 unto infinity, infinitely God-like.

* * *

* On cultural choice to push or pull *

Humanity clustered into nations, tribes, clans, families, ideas – temporally Man-like.

Pushing: savagery everywhere…now Middle East, Africa… Syria-Libya-Afghan…

…and then Vietnam…Korea…WW II…The Great War to end all wars…

> >  slavery and Civil War…Indian wars…and all those many other wars…endless wars

Pulling: do unto others…love thy neighbor as thyself…

…and peace on Earth, good will to men…first of all do no harm…help others…

…Berlin airlift…Marshall Plan…United Nations…Peace Corps…foreign aid…

> >  minimum wage or Living Wage…Economic Rights…Civil Rights…Human Rights

* * *

* On goodwill pulling, ill will pushing *

Pull: Empathy with lovers joining, friends abiding, fellowship sustaining, love enduring.

Push: Potterville me-first self serving, egos soaring, selfish taking, guns a’blazing,

protective regulations hating – even though our government is Us.

Minds pulled open. Minds pushed shut – Mindsets:  trouble where there was no trouble.

* * *

* On God as Source and God as quest *

Source push: A God-like big bang creating particle-plasma, photons, protons, neutrons,

electrons, atoms;  existential molecules and compounds, life, plants and animal bodies

all evolved from mother earth and all derived from that big bang in the beginning.

Quest pull: Godly spirits Godly particles from God, of God, venture with Godly Purpose

freely choose and freely go, choose the temple, choose the show, freely learn and grow;

freely choose among the options, all again and yet again, learning, grow in spirit then.

* * *

* On You and Me *

We have purpose, you and I, in our living conscious cells, waiting for remembrance.

We have choices, you and I, free will choices:  we can pull or we can push.

Gravity reaching full across the universe; our personal choices touching all humanity.

We may love or we may hate:  In God’s Image Love and Light, responsible to get it right.

* * *

* On Returning *

Near-death experience underway – there’s the line, and yours the choice to stay…or go.

. . .

Well done My Beloved, welcome home. Now review Your choices so You’ll know:

Did You push or did You pull?  Did You help Someone to grow?


*          *          *

2. The Grievous Closure of Scientific Mind


My fish net top to bottom engages ten feet of depth.

The river is obviously deeper, but precisely how deep no one knows.

Some think it’s a hundred feet or more, but they don’t – they cannot – know.


I sink my net into the river’s top ten feet where, I know, there are fish.

Satisfyingly, I catch a lot of fish.  I knew I would.

These are the facts – unassailable, empiricalreplicable!

Certainly makes my mind up.


My nemesis watches;

I know damn well she’s scheming trouble where there was no trouble.

Trouble making, she presently says: “Why don’t you sink your net deeper?”

I reply, with premeditated exasperation, “Because fish do not exist any deeper.”

She persists, as I knew she would: “How do you know fish don’t exist any deeper?”

“Because,” I reply, smugly, “obviously, my net catches fish in the top ten feet.”

Most irritatingly, she yet persists: “Why don’t you sink your net deeper anyway,

and just see if you catch some fish?”

Decisively I reply, and with great finality: “What’s the point? My net catches fish in

the top ten feet, proving that’s where they are. My net is the best net money can buy –

it’s dependable, well proven. Besides, depths below ten feet are not my concern.”

Case closed. Me – I know the Fishnetic Method. I’m the expert here.

Nitwit. Dolt. How dare she question me.

*          *          *


3. The Grievous Misdirection of Religious Empathy


He never studies the Bible / Koran / Baghavad Gita / whatever.

He reads whatever he pleases, even filth. Even Marx and Darwin.

No doubt he believes Man came from communist monkeys.


He never mentions Jesus / Mohammed / Krishna / whoever.

He thinks whatever he pleases, goes wherever he wants.

But never to church / mosque / temple / wherever. No doubt he’s an atheist.


He believes babies born…odd…are just…normal, like us.

He treats women exactly the same as if they were men.

No doubt he doesn’t believe we’re all born in sin.


He is indifferent to our doctrines, our sacred teachings; God’s Holy Rules.

Certainly makes my mind up. No doubt he’ll burn in Hell.

Serves him right.

*          *          *

William D. Coffey

November 2017


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