The Godly Algorithm (85: Evidence-based reasoning)

Our evolved place in spacetime, in perspective

  1. Evolution of the universe was the first phase. Its main features were self organization, increasing complexity and upward-rising trajectory. It all went very well. The initial particle plasma from the big bang organized itself into gas nebulae, galaxies, stars and, eventually, planets—plus all that leftover detritus to keep things going quite a long while yet. We will call this phase “First Density,” because the frequency and amplitude of its vibrations spanned only the “purely material” energy of the quantum realm up through the vibration of the full universe that self-organized upward out of the quantum realm. All first-density is in the low range of the vibratory-resonance spectrum.


  1. Evolution of life was the second phase. It included all features of the first phase , and added the new features of natural selection, instinct and rising consciousness. This went well too. A complex inorganic molecule somehow reproduced itself and sought to do so again, thereby introducing onto the Earth life and its mandate to survive and reproduce. This primal merger brought together the physical/material evolved body with non-material/spiritual life, and the mandate to survive and reproduce applied The Godly Algorithm’s second phase of evolution to the merged body-and-spirit complex. We call this phase “Second Density,” because its vibrational frequency and amplitude begin at the high end of first-density vibrations, and proceed upward to the near-light speeds at which thought is conveyed via synapses from one neuron to another in the human brain. This higher range of second-density vibration-resonance tops out just below the speed of light.


  1. Evolution of culture was the third phase, also occurring in Third Density. Featuring primarily consciousness and a basic shift from instinct (genetics) to choice (mind), it has not gone as well as the first two. Applicable only among creatures that attain higher place on the continuum of consciousness, it embodied all the features of the first two phases, refined them, and added new features applicable to social adaptation. It embraces the potential to express the highest levels of risen complexity, risen consciousness, rising knowledge-understanding-wisdom, and rising sense of purpose. Third-density vibratory resonance prevails until these potentials are attained—learning The Lesson, among other things. Threshholds of manifest choice include empathetic perception of others, accelerated comprehensive learning, and recognition of living immateriality.


This shift is the cause;  the effects on individuals is growth that results in:

(Earth)  Ability to adapt and sustain life out of differing earth environments;

(Self)  Ability to adapt one’s personal behavior and habits advantageously to differing and changing environments;

(Free will)  Conscious perception of purpose and freely made choice to pursue it;

(Ethics)  Choice for cooperative common purpose over competition in behavior toward others…in preparedness for spiritual evolution.


  1. Spiritual evolution. Then, as Third-Density individuals one-by-one advance in spiritual growth to understanding of who we are and what we’re here for, and choose accordingly, those individuals one by one graduate to Fourth Density—the fourth phase of evolution under The Godly Algorithm’s eternal parameters, the vibratory-resonance next beyond the speed of light. It does not matter whether this goes well, for the transition will come regardless. It is said that transition is underway, that we and our planet are already in transition from Third to Fourth Density. Spiritual sources say this transition demands a rising, higher spiritual consciousness and recognition of responsibility, by all beings who wish to reincarnate on planet Earth. The transition—the shift—is to complete within this century, they say. Then let us not doubt that life on the future Earth three hundred years hence will accommodate only Fourth Density spirit-consciousnesses.


*          *          *

Reality of a non-material realm

Evidence (Spiritual NDE/STE): Many thousands of people who have had NDE/STE experiences tell of suddenly finding their “self” outside their bodies, while they remain fully consciousness and soon realize they are now in a non-material state of being. They report feeling fully alert, even more dynamically conscious than usual in a state often described as “more alive than alive.” Though each report is told in the experiencer’s own choice of words and communicative style, almost all contents are fully consistent with thousands of other such reports. The extraordinary consistency of all the categories of phenomena reported in these non-material experiences, and the sheer quantity of them independently and consistently reported by tens of thousands of people in all walks of life around the globe, cannot reasonably be written off as coincidence. The straightforward interpretation, that a non-material reality—beyond the non-material phenomena that science accepts—is real and reports of it are true, is too compelling to treat as not true.


Evidence (Spiritual NDE/STE): Experiencers commonly report recognizing their own body lying prone as if dead, often being subjected to resuscitative efforts by frantic doctors and nurses, and often remembering specific actions by specific people that are later verified as true (veridical; representing reality).  They tell of being able to “look around and see” from multiple views, sometimes with 360-degree spherical perspective.


They also report discovering they are able to see through and “pass through” walls, ceilings and even nearby people—discovering, for example, that in trying to get attention by grasping a doctor’s arm, their “hands” pass through the arm as if neither hands nor arm had any substance. Many tell of being able to fully see and hear activities elsewhere in [a hospital] building as well as outside and beyond it, sometimes to great distances. Some discover they are able to move to any desired location, near or far, by simply willing it mentally, and transit time to that location is typically very fast or instantaneous. These remembered events are found with great consistency in thousands of reports, all saying the same thing in individuals’ personal ways of speaking.


Evidence (Science & NDE/STE): Atoms are mostly empty space, the distance between nucleus and electron being as a basketball and a pea at opposite ends of a football field. The fundamental electromagnetic force that binds the two together constitutes a “field” that may interfere with, or at least influence, any other atom that tries to “pass through” that space between a nucleus and its distant electron. But then neither nucleus or electron are themselves “real,” both actually being invisible manifestations of immaterial energy. On “this” side one’s hand cannot pass through the solid oak table; but on “the other” side one’s hand readily passes right through the material doctor’s arm.


Logical conclusion:  When so very many people independently recall essentially the same things, it is reasonable to conclude they are all truthfully reporting their respective experiences. And with so many individual experiencers saying so consistently the same things, it is reasonable to conclude they are being accurate as well as truthful—that they are reporting experiences that were real and not deluded. In fact, given such extraordinary consistency of detail in so many thousands of reports, refusal to accept such a weight of evidence as evidence constitutes willful denial of evident reality.


Logical conclusion:  Science needs to seriously consider exceptions to its strict rule that only those observations and experiments replicable by third persons are acceptable as evidence, because these first-person experiences, consummately non-replicable, merit serious examination in scientific context beyond the present few dedicated researchers. The quantitative weight and consistency of this body of evidence logically has a priori credibility at least equal to that of non-material phenomena “discovered” by being imagined, assumed, inferred, reasoned and deduced—such as dark energy and big bang.


Logical conclusion:  Reports by people who have spiritually transformative experiences (STE) while perfectly healthy and wide awake have many features identical to reports of NDE experiences.  Thus as the broader category, STEs not only encompass NDEs but their reality strongly suggests the odds-on reality of other types of reported paranormal and supra-normal experiences. The great variety of these include, for example, deathbed experiences shared by a dying person and a healthy relative, and clairvoyance and mediumship skills newly perceived after experiencing an NDE/STE.


Hypothesis:  Reports by near-death and spiritually transformative experiencers are true, thus their great volume and consistency of meaning amply qualify them as evidence of non-material reality.


Hypothesis:  Humanity’s vast heritage of religious/spiritual beliefs may have originated, at least in part, in comparable ancient NDE/STE experiences and therefore may also be at least partly true after being handed down orally over hundreds or thousands of years.


Hypothesis: Given the reality of a non-material realm, some concepts associated with that reality, such as the existence of God, have equal probability of being real and true.


Logical Q & A:  If a non-material reality thus reported is in fact real, doesn’t that imply that all the New Age and religious baggage built up around non-material concepts such as “Heaven, Hell, angels, original sin and souls in need of saving” must also be real?…


…No, assuredly it does not. But neither does it rule out these or similar ideas that could apply in a non-material (synonym: “spiritual”) realm. The manner of telling matters greatly. Profound truths can be told in words that make them sound ridiculous, and a simpleton’s notions can be dressed up to sound like philosophy. Semantics also matter, for what is “Heaven” but “a non-material spiritual realm?” In any quest to discern reality, the assumptions implicit in such questions as this reveal mindset judgmentally biased in terms of the obsolete antipathy between science and religion, Christianity in particular.


Reality of God

Evidence (Spiritual NDE/STE):  Many people who have experienced passing through a tunnel consistently report being greeted as they emerge beyond the tunnel by, variously, deceased relatives, by other spirits (“guides” et cetera) who are of the non-material realm, and/or by a Creator-God. (Some others report comparable greetings even without experiencing a tunnel.) Whereas they sometimes perceive God as appearing in forms resembling a human body, God is most commonly experienced as a nebulous and  inconceivably bright light which is “automatically understood” as intelligent beyond measure and emanating infinite unconditional love. Experiencers consistently describe feeling loved far beyond anything they have ever conceived, an experience most call ineffable—impossible to express in words because all mere words are inadequate.


Evidence (Spiritual NDE/STE): The infinitely bright light so often perceived as God is commonly described as evidencing recognizably human characteristics, such as empathy, gentleness, insightfulness, even a sense of humor.


Logical conclusion/hypothesis:  These many independent NDE/STEreports in their great consistency are logical evidentiary extensions of the initial out-of-body experiences previously described. The sheer volume of them—thousands of unconnected instances independently and consistently reported in very similar terms—constitute compelling evidence not only that a supreme deity—God—is real, but also consistently indicate  that God expresses great personal interest in each and every human spirit.


Logical conclusion/hypothesis:  Many of the positive mental-emotional traits so commonly expressed by people everywhere, and thought of as “human nature,” reflect the unconditional all-loving nature of God from whom all things originated via the big bang. Comparably positive traits observed in humanity may reasonably be regarded as reflecting “image(s) of God” become manifest in God’s evolved creation. Negative traits such as anger, jealousy and envy are utterly absent from experiences of God described in NDE and STE reports, hence their prominence in the Old Testament and in Judeo-Christian-Islamic teachings over three thousand years suggests their invention by sectarian leaders for the purpose of psychological control over sectarian followers. As human failure to love unreservedly, they do not apply as comparable God-human traits.


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