The Godly Algorithm (84: Becoming more)

At this higher level of emergent consciousness, instinct faded, each human spirit must now find its own way to recognize and understand its own intrinsic worth and purpose;  must begin the process of learning to transcend the veil of separation;  and must realize its purposeful responsibility to experience and grow, so as to return that growth to God from whence it, as God-Energy, originated. Only then will the cycle be completed, and God will become more through the accumulated life experiences of each returning spirit. That is the great plan, implemented By God through the Godly Algorithm.


Remembering our origin is mostly obscured by that nonmaterial veil of forgetting, but the veil is thin and some individual members of humanity, sometimes, see temporarily through. And then they remember who they are. Remembering, they know anew their Purpose and The Way to achieve it. Thus knowing, those few then understand how profoundly great is their (our/my/your) responsibility to their (our/my/your) fellow humanity, for our/my/your fellow humans are, ourselves, All-Being, Everything, One. Responsibility to Our Divine Fellow Humans is profoundly great beyond describing;  understanding of it is profoundly humbling as befits a seemingly-separated spark of GodSelf.


At the human level of highly-emerged consciousness, one of the rising long-term tasks to be accomplished is the remembering of all that has been forgotten. We need to remember who we are. It takes a while, for prerequisite to such remembering is the gaining of understanding of one’s higher self, where memory resides. Each mortal human must learn the first step:  recognition that s/he is more than s/he seems. There is mortal self, and there is Higher Self which remains across the veil, and the two remain attached through the mortal lifetime…as if by an invisible psychic umbilical cord.


The reason our cleverest neuroscientists to their great frustration have not been able to pinpoint where memory resides in the human brain is quite simple:  memory is not there to be found, for it does not reside in the material brain. It resides in the higher self, across the veil. We touch it every night, whilst we asleep, though in truth we and our higher selves are never separated. And though our mortal selves cannot remember what we had for breakfast yesterday, our higher selves remember it all—one hundred percent of every occurrence in every second of a full lifetime. This is amply demonstrated when people having an NDE see all those life seconds on total-recall display during a life review.


The Godly Algorithm enables the way for any human spirit to try as many times as it chooses to accomplish the rising and more-becoming. The first lifetime in human form will be lived out, and when that body inevitably succumbs the ever-living Spark-of-God-Spirit will at last pass through the veil and return home—often through a tunnel toward an infinitely bright light—to be greeted by God-Light, perhaps to experience a life review, and perhaps have ready answer when God asks “What have you brought me?”


Some spirits returned to the Godly realm will remain, with God whence life-spirit started, before the great separation. Others will choose to return to Earth and live another life—and perhaps another, and another—as many times as each spirit chooses to live earthly lifetimes, each presenting unique challenges, enabling learning and rising in knowledge of purpose. Re-incarnation as revealed through the large database of NDE/STE reports leaves no doubt this option is frequently chosen. Indeed, three hundred thousand years after our advanced species’ emergence on the earth, every human on the earth today has made that choice to be here, and so was born again. A spirit’s choice to return for a new earth lifetime entails foreknowledge that the veil of forgetting will again be in force until the spirit returns home or otherwise learns to surmount the veil, as sometimes occurs.


Under The Godly Algorithm’s parameters, a key reason for reincarnating will be to further spiritual growth by encountering the two paramount ways of achieving growth—helping others and attaining knowledge. The learning of these lessons must be by choice, with understanding that helping others is ever and always the better option, and the most effective way of helping another is ever of the most personal kind. A five dollar bill given with loving intent to a homeless beggar outweighs the merit in voting to pass a bill that gives financial assistance to thousands. The beggar is to be recognized as a fellow spark of God, experiencing a life and learning lessons, a spirit of infinite worth—provided that the spirit observing the beggar is responsible to achieve the rising to such recognition.


Even among those who see through the veil, a few harbor doubt so great that they decline to accept the purpose and the way thus revealed to them. So very many live out their lives without ever seeing through the veil at all, and for these it is more difficult to rise to conscious knowing of purpose or the ways to achieve it. They may not learn The Lesson. Many simply drift, never thinking of life purpose at all. Some others find it through NDEs. And some conceive it on their own. These latter often say they “just had an intuition,” that “it just felt right.”


All human spirits encounter this fundamental choice to serve self or help others, usually by young adulthood, and the choice made becomes increasingly evident through that lifetime. Observe what anyone does, how their life is lived, and the choice made will be self evident. A choice to serve self is reversed only in a minority of cases—notably and most commonly after experiencing God and/or a life review during an NDE or STE. As we observe in the daily headlines, about half of us crave the self serving option.


Spiritual sources assure us that the path of self serving also enables the learning and loving of Godly purpose, but this path takes far, far longer to achieve the rising, the more-becoming, than does the path of helping others. We may note that, for essentially the whole of human history, self serving has been the path of choice for approximately half of all humans incarnate on the earth. It may be further observed that self serving sets itself in opposition to those who help others, creating thereby a tension in human relations that ensures the availability of ample scenarios containing opportunities to choose, to learn, and grow in spirit. Quite a lot is written on this if you look for it—such as economics books about the extremely rich who lobby to further enrich themselves at the expense of the growing numbers of suffering poor and the declining middle class.


If everything were in balance here, nothing would happen—just as imbalance of nature drives the ever-changing we call evolution. But whether we have chosen self serving or helping others, our job is to respect those opposed others, and to love them. I personally have not so far been very good at rising to this ideal—I cannot, for instance, see Hitler as anything but a hating monster who stained our entire species. But at age 83 I keep trying.


The Indian sage Ramana Maharshi (1879-1950) said that our true nature is happiness itself. Numerous spiritual writings say that happiness reigns and the negative emotions do not appear in that spiritual home place known by various names such as Heaven. NDE-STE experiencer reports contain a wealth of examples supportive of these claims. We thus reasonably may hypothesize that anything less than full happiness is aberration. It follows that life lived on earth confronts unhappy aberration, since we all observe that the negative emotions so verily prosper here, in our animal bodies. But that is precisely why we choose to reincarnate—because we learn and grow most meaningfully where happiness is out of balance. It is quite the same as that perpetual imbalance of nature, which is essential for enabling evolution to occur:  Imbalances on Earth…un-like as it is in Heaven. This is why we choose to be here—the unhappy situations we encounter are learning experiences. We do not learn or grow much when simply coasting happily along.


That ancillary choice, to attain knowledge, must reflect a personal seeking of higher understanding, and from that understanding to derive an increment of wisdom however modest—and the whole must be put to the purposeful work of the first choice. But if one does not desire to attain knowledge, prophesy is self fulfilling—knowledge will not be attained. At this time in history many exhibit their lack of desire to attain knowledge, and their exhibits are everywhere—from pickup trucks trailing the Confederate flag to the unlearned halls of Congress at the other end of Pennsylvania Avenue. It is my attained understanding that God is pleased when we consciously seek to learn, to attain knowledge, and understanding, and wisdom, and desire to embrace more…to take home.


Among them all, of those who discover by seeing through the veil, and those others who discover through persistent caring and effort or by coincidence, the understanding of The Way to achieve Life Purpose is twofold:   1. Help Others;  and 2. Attain Knowledge.


An object of all these choices must be inner recognition that serving fellow humanity is serving God-Who-Is-In-Humanity, and this serving can be well accomplished under the mantle of any religion or no mantle at all other than the loving recognition of shared humanity. Even the path of self serving requires no mantle, and is equally found in every religion and ideology. Therefore, for a Baptist to dislike Catholics just because they’re Catholic, or likewise Muslims “versus” Israelis, or any-group versus any-group, pushes irrelevance to ludicrous extremes. We forget who we are, what we’re here for.


As conveyed by The Lesson in Chapter 6, God’s great experiment launched by that spectacular In The Beginning Big Bang will not be completed until all humankind in their real identity as Spirit-Sparks-of-God have learned The Lesson, and their billions of rising life experiences return at last home to their Creator, from whence originally they sprang.


And then God-All-That-Is will have accomplished a rising, a More-Becoming.


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