The Godly Algorithm (83: Science and Spirit as One)

The Godly Algorithm

In human perspective, “God” (or Manitou, Zeus, Allah, Shirley, whatever one may prefer to call the conceptual Creative Almighty Source-Of-All-Being) is All Knowing, All Powerful, and Infinite—far beyond any conceivable human understanding.


But in God’s perspective (we may imagine, assume, infer, reason, deduce) God is not a bit beyond God’s own understanding of GodSelf, since God is Creative Almighty Source.


And it came to pass that God felt purpose. God desired [we hypothesize] to become more than God is, to be more interested, to rise, to feel and become more. And so God devised a Way to accomplish a rising, a more-becoming, of GodSelf.


God took a portion of God’s Self-Energy and made it seem to be a Creation separated from God. The separation would be only apparent, for in truth God is Everything and is never truly separated from GodSelf. But, from the perspective of the seemingly separated Energy “looking back” at God, that Energy would “seem and feel” separate—as if an obscuring veil hung between God’s new Creation and the realm of GodSelf. And so God caused the separating device that is called big bang, and the effect is called our universe.


God imbued the big bang separation with God’s algorithm to guide its unfolding. The algorithm was intrinsic in the separated God-Energy itself, so that after the big bang was made—that First Cause—the seemingly separated universe would proceed on its own, independently. God would never need to do anything whatsoever to it or about it.


Thus the human experiences so often called “miracles” and “acts of God” and “God’s will,” and otherwise mistakenly interpreted as God intervening in human affairs for good or ill, are quite misperceived, for God does not do that. God can of course  do that, because God after all is Everything, but God mostly refrains—except in rare instances reported by NDE experiencers who receive miraculous cures that defy medical logic.


No, God created the universe in such a way that it in fact proceeds to evolve quite independently, on its own. Full independence of this universe was an essential feature of God’s plan for rising and more-becoming, for there would be no meaning unless the universe was able to surprise God with things God did not anticipate. And so, therefore,  God knowingly withheld God’s All-Knowing from the seemingly separate universe—and then, pleased, permitted GodSelf to feel the illusion of “time” God had built into the algorithm in order to “wait” and see what would happen. With happy anticipation.


The seeming independence of God’s Creation does not imply that God declines communication from, with and to humans who seek it, for that is of a different order. When the human sparks-of-God have evolved upward and arisen out of the original big bang energy to the level of consciousness that can want to communicate with God, that wanting-yearning constitutes a fairly advanced stage of evolved-emerged rising under God’s algorithm, and so therefore God accommodates all who would communicate. A great many NDE/STE experiencers have found themselves in communication with God.


God’s algorithm, first and foremost, caused the new universe to evolve. Its driving evolution would be a continuous changing, a never-ceasing exponential branching of causes and effects. All causes and effects would be completely random, unpredictable in essence. There would seem to be effects with unintended consequences, and many things would seem to be “just is” without apparent reason for being. But the evolution would in truth follow an overall averaging that God built into the algorithm so that, on average, the universe’s unfolding would proceed in an ever rising trajectory. Slowly but surely the universe would follow the algorithm’s mandate:  self organize, rise, become more.


Then demonstrating the self evident reality of the algorithm and its guiding parameters, the big bang was followed by endlessly branching causes and effects that on average rose —a great chain of random events slowly self organizing, becoming more in a sequence to one day be discovered by God’s evolved children. And so after God-Energy burst its way through an infinitely tiny singularity from “God’s side” to “the separate-new-universe side,” the big bang’s plasma of super-hot Energy started to cool as its insanely energetic motion began to slow. The big-bang-energy plasma began separating itself into parts, and the self organizing of the parts began. And the evolving would never cease thereafter.


Instantly after the big bang emerged, evolution began its first phase—organizing the newly released God-Energy into universe/matter. Immediately the superheated plasma inflated—vastly, hugely—and its long slow cooling process commenced. In short order the gravitational force emerged, asserting its weak but irresistible power across the new universe. It was quickly followed by the strong force that would soon be needed to form subatomic protons pursuant to the algorithm’s mandate to organize, rise, emerge.


Oh-so-tiny fluctuations rippled in the inflating plasma, a harbinger of things to come. Then out-separated the weak force and electromagnetic force, emerging distinctly to take on their own impending vital roles. From within the super-hot slurry of plasmic particles then emerged quarks, which shortly self organized themselves into protons and neutrons on the way to becoming atoms on the way to becoming matter. The time illusion accompanied these evolvings and—it took a while—the very first second of time had now elapsed. The universal temperature had fallen to only a billion degrees Kelvin.


By the “time” the first three minutes had elapsed, it so happened that particles of “matter and anti-matter,” so-called, (actually “Energy and anti-Energy,” for matter could not exist yet) had chanced to annihilate each other—nobody knows why. For every billion particle-antiparticle pairs annihilated, there survived one single un-annihilated particle. These meager leftovers were in sufficient quantity to form our present glorious universe. For this too nobody knows why, and the ratio is one of our universe’s many great mysteries.


The new protons and neutrons conjoined into proto-atomic nuclei, and then ongoing inflation scattered those so far apart that photons of light could now move about between them and be seen. From this cause, the effect of Light was born into the new universe—a constant reminder that everything in this created universe consists ultimately of God, who is Love and Light, and who transmitted those God qualities through the big bang. They are in everything;  the Love and Light are within us, each and every one. The new nuclei flew around snatching up electrons, which of course turned them both into atoms. Of the new atoms, 99.99999 percent were, mysteriously, hydrogen and helium, and little else.


The rest, as they say, is history. Gaseous (atom-filled) clouds of mostly-hydrogen self organized into condensing galaxies, that self organized into condensing stars, that ignited and created most other elements. The stars were surrounded by left-over orbiting debris, some of which further self organized into planets. All of this is still going on right now.


The Godly Algorithm continued its guidance, and so evolution entered its second great phase:  the emergence of biological life. On millions of suitable planets throughout the universe—though provably to human satisfaction on one planet only—certain complex molecules of matter, responding to evolution’s relentless changing-emerging-rising, began deliberately preserving themselves long enough to “reproduce” into copies of themselves—nobody knows why. This happened by random chance, in full accord with The Godly Algorithm’s parameters, and those same parameters imbued all the newly reproduced copies with the purpose that God originally set forth. Rise up, become more.


This unique new phenomenon of surviving and reproducing would be called Life. On planet earth life would mostly just lay there for about three billion years, oh-so-slowly oozing and sliming itself across the planet’s surfaces, oh-so-slowly evolving into slightly higher nuances of complexity, becoming more “ready” to spring forth into something more, something risen higher, when circumstances agreed.


In due course the new realm of evolution shaped All-Being’s separated fragment of Self-Energy from a plasma of hot particles into gas clouds which condensed into galaxies containing stars orbited by planets which evolved life ascending through endless forms most beautiful until the vital threshold was reached. The threshold enabled the next higher phase of All-Being’s Becoming to proceed. The species calling itself Humanity was the first to achieve sufficiently advanced consciousness to give itself a name, and to conceive names for All-Being such as Ahura-Mazda, Krishna, YHWH-whose-holy-name-shall-not-be-spoken, Adonai, Elohim, God, Allah, Manitou, and a thousand more arisen from The Yearning.


When time finally got around to the Cambrian Explosion on planet Earth, in short order over half-a-billion years it happened yet again. By evolving, emerging, complexifying in accordance with The Godly Algorithm—on yet another twig of the fast-branching bush of Life—advanced its long march of increasing complexity that “just is”—the organizing that organizes itself all by itself—a big bang… gas nebulae… galaxies and clusters of them… stars and planets… lands and oceans… simple life… simple plants and animals… complex plants and animals… vertebrates… fishes… reptiles… primates… mammals… hominid/hominins… H. habilis, H. erectus, H. sapiens… and then…


Evolution then entered, for one emerged species, its third, cultural, phase of changing and rising. All humankind—those  tiny sparks of God-Energy-Consciousness derived from God-via-Big-Bang, and dwelling within earth-bodies likewise evolved up from the bang—retained each and every one within themselves the divinity that GodSelf had sent through The Veil integrally within the bang. Humankind had finally emerged to a stage of evolution responsible to recognize its own inherent divinity—and behave accordingly.


Over three hundred thousand years of illusionary time the species Homo sapiens that called itself Humanity evolved along paths divergent from the older paths of its fellow Homos—Neanderthalis, Erectus, and all those others who perished and are no more. During those three hundred thousand years the species Homo sapiens has learned the survival value of cooperating with each other in order to compete against adversity and difficulty, for the instinctual survival urge is strong and cooperation most effectively achieves it. But all do not learn equally.


The Godly Algorithm parameters provide that when any living creature attains that higher-evolved complexity of consciousness humankind now exhibits, the most-ancient dependence on instinctual knowledge, formerly shared with the little beings of less-evolved consciousness, must recede. Instinct must be largely replaced by a categorically new desire to be consciously self directing at all times, using reasoning and free will. Humanity, now risen to its third, cultural, phase of evolution, of course qualifies.


In like manner to God as Prime Mover, The Godly Algorithm parameters mandate that any evolved creatures risen to this advanced level of consciousness must freely choose a path of responsibility to care for themselves, and care for the little fellow beings with whom they share the planet’s resources, and care for the mother planet. Any choosing otherwise will delay further rising or spiritual-consciousness growth until learned knowledge, understanding and wisdom are attained sufficiently that the caring path will be freely chosen. Freedom of choice is paramount, including freedom to choose wrong.


Individual members of Humanity mostly do not remember that they came from God-All-Being, that they were/are/will be God-All-Being, that their Great Purpose was/is/will be to return their mortal self to their God-All-Being Self…as drops of spring water returned to the sea, as children to parent—after living lifetimes so fully enriched with many choices and varied experiences—all rising to at last be risen home, and even as Earth-selves are remembered intact, are incorporated back into eternal All-Being, and All-Being thereby Becomes More.


Humankind’s new higher responsibility must encompass its own emerging, rising, and growth to something progressively more, wherein consciousness is enabled to discern higher from lower, helpful from harmful—and, thus enabled, free will may choose whether to serve oneself or prioritize the common good of the whole ahead of individual self interest. The several other species that now show clear prospect of emerging into this level of consciousness remain thousands of generations behind Homo sapiens, the first to arrive so far. Bonobos and certain parrots appear to be, perhaps, next in line, though still far away. Their small responsibility is as but a distant fraction of the important new responsibility humankind collectively have now evolved/grown/emerged into. One of the first responsibilities of a rising human is to recognize its own great responsibility. And it must so recognize despite distractions such as preemptive wars and stuff-filled mansions.


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  1. Beautifully written, succinct and a fascinating description of the unfolding and ever-evolving Creation story. I especially appreciate your use of white space … kudos to you!

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