Rainbows and Valentines

You Wrote for me a Rainbow


You doubted you could write a rainbow

To hang in the window of my being

You thought rainbows were written only with words

By wordsmiths and poets laureate

Never realizing all the while

The infinite beauty that’s there

In you

In your smile, when there are eyes to see

In your laughter, when there are ears to hear,

In your touch, when fingers reach to feel it

You read a beautiful poem and your soul is touched

You dance, and your face is alight with joy

You see purple mountains, and your eyes shine

You are poetry, don’t be surprised

You are a poet’s poet all through and through

Thank you for the loving rainbow that hangs in me

For you wrote it, my love,

Oh, you did


All Our Valentines


You wrote for me a rainbow

And you made my life anew

All the colors of that rainbow

Are a loving gift from you,

Then I returned the gift dear, and I wrote the song anew,

And that became Our Valentine of the Song.


Enchantment of the first waltz

Tender sharing of ourselves, living nocturne,

On the quiet steps of a church

Then Sylvia’s Waltz from my heart to your heart

And purple mountain moon enchanting the last waltz,

These became Our Valentine of the Dance.


From soft magic mists of rainy afternoon

We kept in our hearts a hummingbird

And the symbols of our musical dance

And the lighthouse beacon of our future

And we captured them in gold, forever,

To be Our Valentine of the Ring.


With bright colored ribbons we staked

The floorplan of a house, a home,

With great hall where host and hostess

Bring to life the lighthouse beacon;

Hole in the wall, flowers, statues and shed

All constitute Our Valentine of the Home.


The loving friends and friends-to-be

Who gather in the home hall

And in the classes at Thorn Hill

And in great halls at Cumberland, Terpsichore

And send us loving photos and remembrances,

These are Our Valentine of the Fellowship of Friends.


Soft mornings when I kiss you awake

And you bring me tea and bagels

And share soft laughter over the little dog

Gaze out the wide windows of breakfast

Sharing deer and turkey and other living things

And putter in the shed, the kitchen, wherever together,

And plan flower beds and futures, together,

Truly these represent Our Valentine of the Heart.

©Feb 14, 2002


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