Kudos to GH


Note well how deft we all sound out the F

When uttering Laugh-ter, or tough, or enough!

But see then how quickly we switch to an “aw”

With ought, taught or caught, even “bought all for naught.”

Ears plainly hear, but our eyes do not care—

And firmly they’ll tell you:  the F is not there.


How can we know when enough is enuff?

Or recognize spelling that’s got the right stuff?

The Celts (and who eltse), they will tell you what’s right.

They put that “gh” out there plainly in sight;

With full Celtic might they still fight for their right,

To the highest high height, to keep GH in sight.


The French have their “veaux” and their other odd soundz,

The Germans have long words that grow out of bounds,

The Xi in Chinese should sound “t’zshi” and not “she,”

So what’s the distinction of all this to me?

My Anglicized name is now “Coffey,” you see,

But the Celtic original is growled out as “Cobhthaigh.”

Say it right…or else.


© William D. Coffey, August 2022


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