The Touch of the Healer’s Hand

Your suffering he tends with the touch of his hands,

Like miracles, making you wonder how such

As his simple approach can accomplish so much,

He heals with the touch of his hands.


While medicine followed the wandering calf,

And where two roads diverged in a yellowish wood

They took a left turn, not perhaps as they should,

Making surgery and drugs all Hippocrates’ staff.


While others considered an alternate stand

More attuned to the forms of the children of God,

In the path of a far greater Healer they trod,

For they heal with the touch of the hand.


A great nation’s leaders are troubled by cost,

By how both rich and poor can just pay for their health,

How the treasure of wellness depends on ones’ wealth,

Hippocrates’ vision is lost.


And yet for a modest affordable fee,

In humble abode without scalpel or gauze,

He treats not your symptoms, he goes for the cause,

For without your whole health you’re not free.


His life’s quiet work is a tribute unplanned

To how good and how great dedication can be,

As by helping each other we become more like He

Who first healed with the touch of His hand.


William D. Coffey

Dedicated with gratitude to

Dr. Ward C. Stauffer, Chiropractor

Lawrenceburg, KY—March 1983


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