Seeing Myself


I see myself in you.


You are like a spiritual mirror

That reflects back to me

All that I am

The best I can be;

Being with you is self-sharing

In the things we both love

Our dancing, the ambience of the happy hall,

And the music.


I see myself in you.


Sitting beside you on a misty deck

Murmuring the afternoon away,

Adopting the hummingbird

As our peace symbol;

Driving up a steep mountain in darkness

To a wonderful rambling rustic lodge

Where we’ll love each other

As we sleep.


I see myself in you.


Kick goes your foot as we reach out to

Swing each other up the long contra line

In the company of dancers,

People we love;

Heart racing to meet you at the airport

And bring you home to me again,

Seeing the light in your eyes,

Adoring you.


I find myself in you.


Letting myself go, to be gentle,

As I always want to be,

Always am with you,


Sharing the meals, the chores, the planning

For our home to build for dancing

In the country, with cows,

In Kentucky.


I see myself in you.

I love yourself in me.

© 1989


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