*  PART ONE:  Understanding begins with the HOW  *

A Godly Algorithm’s parameters embrace and guide the whole:

Everything must constantly Change, Evolve. Everything. Constantly;  and

from the evolving changes Complexity must Emerge by chance;  and

—notwithstanding countless devolutions, backslides, dead ends—

overall complexity must grow ever more complex, purely by chance;  and

emerging complexity must, ultimately, Rise, and become More…  and…

…and then More must, eventually, return to Source.

*          *          *


Phase One began with a Big Bang

that emerged from Somewhere—no one can say From Where.

It emerged through an infinitely tiny Singularity, surpassingly small,

and immediately, energetically, inflated to early-universe size;

a primal hot-plasma soup at a billion degrees, cooling, vibrations slowing,

quarks emerging, protons and neutrons forming, nuclei joining,

attracting electrons to make atoms which—acknowledging the forces

called gravity, electromagnetic, strong and weak—organized themselves into

random cosmic clouds of gas and dust, which condensed themselves into

galactic rotations wherein gravity spawned stars that ignited themselves

and lived out their evolving lifetimes surrounded by leftover planets

that consisted of the most beautiful periodic table of the elements.

Considerable complexity thus emerged—it arose—and it was More.

Think of Phase One, the physical, as First Density, with low, slow vibrations.

Given the ubiquitous everywhere-ness of this evolving physical process,

mystery confronts us:


WHERE did that big bang come from? WHY did it come?

WHAT is on the other side of that singularity?

WHY can we not discern Dark Matter?—or Dark Energy?—

when we realize—we know full well—they are 96% of all reality?

From the big bang’s hot instant it began cooling, its vibration slowing,

so was it yet hotter, its vibration higher than the speed of light, Over There?

When interstellar particles wink fleetingly out, then back in, WHERE do they go?

When non-locality speeds particles through spacetime wormholes, WHERE are they?

HOW do entangled particles eons apart communicate faster than lightspeed?

Does the speed of light constitute the Veil of Separation that prevents

us from perceiving the place—that other place—of our origin?

How fast is God-Energy’s vibratory rate?

Yes, mystery confronts us.

Being thus confronted,

shall we then not



Phase Two began with emergence of planetary inorganic matter into

a condition of Free-Will Intention—nobody knows how—that we call LIFE,

which immediately and consciously sought to survive and reproduce itself.

And it did!—it survived and reproduced so successfully that it proliferated,

and branched, and speciated, so that the first form evolved into endless forms

most beautiful…as archaea and slime molds, as algae and ferns, as bacteria

and bugs, and fishes and birds and mammals and humankind

who multiplied and spread full across our planet Earth.

Further complexity thus emerged, was arisen,

and was much More.

Think of Phase Two, the biological, as Second Density

in which harmonic vibrations are noticeably less slow.


Phase Three began with emergence of humankind’s consciousness

into that level of complexity called Culture, where spoken grunts and signals

will emerge, eventually, into syntactical language that can be expressed

as symbolic marks called written History.

Culture, by chance or intention,

can evolve in many directions,

in any direction—any direction at all.

Hunter-gatherers may evolve into farmers—or not.

Tribes may evolve into nations and empires—or not.

People may cooperate or compete, wage commerce or war,

love and help, or despise and kill each other indifferent and uncaring.

People may pursue love, respecting our unity with others and earth,

or pursue wealth and consumption that wastes our finite resources,

fouls our air, water and soil, and invites destruction by global overheating.

People may learn the essential Lessons. They may realize who they are.

They may discover their purpose for living this lifetime. Or they may not.

Much greater complexity can emerge, its potential expanded exponentially,

but whether it rises and becomes More depends on free will choice

by each person individually, and by all of them as a group unity.

Think of Phase Three, the cultural, as Third Density

in which the human vibrations are higher,

with potential to go much higher.


Phase Four is Spiritual Evolution, Fourth density,

where vibratory potential varies to beyond the speed of light.

It was opened to all humanity, this potential for realizing our full divinity,

when a human consciousness first recognized its own Image of Godliness,

reasoned out its Purpose and the path to achieving that purpose,

and then shared these Understandings with others.

Humankind, the most highly evolved, highly emerged among all Life on Earth,

has advanced into a new level of Responsibility for itself, for all the other

little-brother species, and for their living habitats all around the world.


we are behaving like willful teenagers who decline to grow up.

We rage, we invade, we pillage, we exploit each other. We don’t care.

Physically grown-up human beings actually behave thus and so.

Our profligate overconsumption of natural resources is depleting

Using Up

the finite ores and minerals our grandchildren’s children will need.

The waste products of our overconsumption generate mountains of

garbage which, along with our pesticides, herbicides and farm runoff

pollutes our streams, rivers, and the degrading soil we depend on for our food.

Our motors and power plants exhaust chemical pollution into the air we breathe,

grossly carbonizing our planetary atmosphere, trapping the sun’s heat.

Our world is growing too hot to sustain the lives of many species.

Phase Four calls for maturity into which we fail to emerge.

Grievously we are failing to Emerge and Rise.

Unless we rise to Our Responsibility

our bodies, and so many more,

perhaps our species,

will die.



did God

set in motion

The Great Experiment,

then watched to see

how it would

all turn


*          *          *


*  PART TWO:  Matured Understanding must encompass the WHY  *


  1. Process

God desired to become More.

So God created a Godly Algorithm

which imbued into a portion of God-Self

that God sent through an infinitely tiny singularity

which in future time to come would be called Big Bang.

Thus the big bang introduced God-Energy into/as a new universe

to make galaxies and stars and elements and flesh-and-bone bodies.


  1. Agency

And God set aside another portion of God-Self, which was manifest

as individual God-Sparks of God-Consciousness, each Alive, like God,

in the Image(s) of God, but temporarily separated from God

until each would eventually find its way home to God.

And God gave them all, every one, free will

and imbued them with intrinsic Purpose,

which whispered in their minds:

Go Forth; Become More;



The God-Spark spirits, each one individually, with its free will,

could choose to go inhabit an Earth body evolved from God-Self,

with its quantum-activated brain serving as

radio/TV/Mind intermediary-receiver-transmitter,

between material body and immaterial spirit.

And they did. Many did. Again and again they did,

across that Veil of Separation and Forgetting, for lifetimes,

each lifetime attaining experience, becoming More,

retaining in spirit’s immaterial conscious memory

the More, until each body died and the God-Spark

returned to the spirit realm in which God IS,

each time returning as yet More

precisely as God intended

from the First.


God’s part in the process was simple:

God need not do anything, anything at all;

Godly Algorithm ensures it all works as intended.

God’s personal intervention is never required—unless..

…unless God just wants to insert a miracle here and there…

So do not rage and in your petty ignorance ask: “Why, Why,

Why would God allow such cruel wars, such poverty and misery?…

…mean old God; God of fear, and vanity, of jealousy and judging…”

when in fact Unconditionally Loving God, Real God, is none of these,

when in fact it is us, you and me, who allow the wars, the poverty and misery.

God doesn’t cause humanity’s depravity. We do—by our default and inaction

against the intrigues of small retarded spirits who relish self-serving.


The Earth-evolved God-Energy-bodies that we God-Energy-Selves may inhabit

are temporary conveniences, vehicles of convenience,

whilst, by choice, we set about (or fail to set about) our real work,

the reasons for which we chose to incarnate into these bodies,

to experience and carry out our purposes, to grow in spirit, and become More,

obeying the Golden-Rule simplicity of our mandate from our Creator-God:

First and foremost, HELP OTHERS.

And by the way, also ATTAIN KNOWLEDGE,

so that you will grow in Understanding,

and perhaps acquire some Wisdom,

so you may better help others

who—exactly like you—

are Sparks of God.


And when in the reaches of timeless eternity

You take all your lives of experiences Home to God,

Merging back into God’s Timeless Infinite Love,

God/You/We/God-Self will be More,

precisely as God intended.




William D. Coffey, 2022

after a half century of pondering

NDEs, STEs, Ra, and correlated scientific realities


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