Documentary evidence from ancient times confirms that near-death experiences (NDEs) were happening to people, and were being written about, during several millennia before Raymond Moody’s bestselling book Life After Life renewed our attention to them in 1975. Given the explosion of public interest, research and book-writing set off by Moody’s book, the thousands of newly accumulated NDE reports constitute a new potential to influence—perhaps even prise open—hardened mindsets. This is because understandings gained from NDEs confront us with a context so utterly unique that many age-old arguments are rendered simply irrelevant—a prime example being the tiresome three-century-old estrangement between science and religion.

NDEs’ mind-altering potential may have positive relevance to the intractable problems posed by global warming and unsustainable population increase—not to mention the bizarre mindsets behind rampant terrorism, religion-based violence, destructive social media, civic fractionization, atavistic military aggression, and worldwide poverty and inequality made inevitable by capitalist economics. Ever-increasing consumerism, another capitalistic inevitability, promises to exacerbate global resource depletion and environmental overheating through the century ahead.

NDEs assure us to not fear death of the human body, for the non-material mind-spirit survives and is infinite. This fact is attended by many other implications we are responsible to derive. Some of the implications that now can be reasonably inferred from the several large NDE-report databases appear below. Like quantum physics, the following reasoned statements employ inference, inductive reasoning and logic—if this, then this—while drawing directly from the collective real experiences of thousands of experiencers who took the time to write down what happened to them when they met death, consciously learned, and survived to complete this mortal lifetime—to finish carrying out the purpose for which each of them had chosen to be here.

*          *          *

God is real.

God is everything—i.e.,

everything is made of God.

All derives from the God-energy

that God sent through the big bang

as inconceivably hot plasma that cooled

to become merely hot particles—photons, gluons

and quarks that made nuclei with electrons attached

to build this wide universe.

This universe,

our wide universe,

is a great experiment

that God initiated because

God felt desire to become more.

So God set aside a portion of GodSelfMind

made manifest as a vast multitude of tiny Godsparks,

all derived from GodMind, but separated thus incomplete,

fundamentally less than God, striving to find our way back home.

You and me, us, helping each other find the way.

God sent another portion of GodSelfEnergy through the big bang;

and God imbued that primal energy with a Godly Algorithm,

mandating the energy to do specified evolutionary things

on its own, as is, wholly independent and needless of

any personal involvement or interference by God.

So forget miracles, for God need not intervene;

* unless God just wants to—Shazam. *

Nor ask why God would LET war and hunger

And all manner of terrible things happen

When in fact those are caused by us,

us and our economic arrangements,

and thus are our responsibility.

Why do WE let them happen?



GodSelfEnergy did as God had directed.

Mandated from the start to be self organizing,

and, ever nudged along by the primal gravity force,

God-energy evolved charged particles into atomic structure,

atoms into chemical compounds, thence into gaseous formations—

which in turn gravitationally condensed into galaxy clusters, galaxies,

and stars whose life cycles produced The Periodic Table of the Elements.

Think of the mandate as a self-activating, ubiquitous background Godly Algorithm.

This universe has likewise been mandated from the start

to continually increase in emergent complexity,

and everywhere high and low we see that,

exactly that, and Lo, self evidently, this is the case.

Look around. See truth, reality, as it is.

Hence inorganic matter evolved into more complex matter

which we Sparks-of-God define as “living life” because

it intentionally tries to survive and reproduce itself,

until eventually, in its evolving generations,

it becomes more than it was.

Like everything else.

On planet Earth,

which we know best,

earliest primal GodSelf life-forms

underwent a fulsome Cambrian explosion

 and evolved into near-infinite varieties of Life

—plant and animal and all of these and more all mixed—

all interdependent, emerging constantly, to higher complexity.

And so after eons of cosmic evolution,

and not quite as many eons of biological evolution,

so many species evolving iterations of cultural evolution,

then did Homo sapiens further raise its emerged complexity to

the brink of spiritual evolution, as God had intended from the start.

But there it hovers, at the brink…at the brink—thus far and no farther.

Hold back—resist the Algorithmic next step—just because you can.

Free will perverted by willful mankind—at least half of us—

Mankind-1 the passive, the polite, the inertia-bound, and

Mankind-2 the egoistic, the stubborn and blind.

Oh, how blind.

Never doubt it, Algorithmic destiny will out.

Further rise in Spiritual Evolution promises reunion with God—

each of us taking home—Home—all our lifetime(s) of experiences

and, rejoining God, contributing to God’s becoming more.

As the Godly Algorithm mandated from the beginning,

We Homo sapiens fully exercise our free-will choice,

including freedom to postpone further advance,

to perpetuate wars and rumors of wars.

to exploit our fellow humanity

who remain poor for life,

to despoil all the natural habitats, all of them,

to kill or make die all the little animals,

as, all unnoticed, they falter and die.

Thus we exercise our divine right

to choose wrongly.


. . .

Derived understandings above and teachings below,

none of these are taught in Sunday school or madrassah or meditation hall.

Composite teachings we derive from NDEs and STEs advise us

that creatures evolved up to the level of Homo sapiens

are Responsible for our two mandated purposes:



that may increase your understanding…which may result in some wisdom

so that you, the spirit which has grown, may better Help Others.

These mandates elaborate upon the Golden Rule,

the only rule you, a GodSpark, will ever need.

The Godly Algorithm has no needs.

It is God’s will.

Each and every member of Homo sapiens on Earth

comprises a Spirit/Soul, derived from GodMind as God-Is,

a Spirit/Soul that has chosen to inhabit an Earthly body—

a body ultimately evolved from original GodEnergy—

so as to more gainfully grow in spiritual maturity.

Thousands of near-death experiencers affirm

with great consistency, uncommonly great consistency,

that God does not judge our choices right or wrong.

No—God loves us unconditionally,

No matter what.


in life process in The Image of God,

did we ever do as well toward our fellow Man?

This is not blind faith—it is conclusion from evidence.

While leaving us alone with absolutely free will to choose,

we are assured that God does not judge us when we choose paths

less than optimal for the good of our fellow humanity, alas.

Be assured then, fellow spirits,

if a “belief” cannot accommodate Real Teachings of Spirit,

reconciling all scientific observations of Reality As We Find It,

then that belief is not—cannot be—Truth;  and therefore

Manmade religions built on notions of Judgment

impede spiritual growth based on God’s Love.

When will we learn to rise

above all





William D. Coffey, November 2022


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