The hills surround us

Sloping, climbing, looming

The friendly surmountable

Humps of central Kentucky.


Rocks everywhere, always

Limestone, slab-like

Scattered among the cedars

Some grown inside cedars.


Every weathered divide

A gullied creeklet

Wet-weather channels

Nearly hidden by grass.


Hardwoods delineate

Every waterway, large and small,

Especially the creek, and

The bluff down to the Chaplin.


You make your own music

With your own creatures

That fly and flitter and croak

And watch me from a wire.


A little whirlwind

Makes the leaves roar briefly

Tonight the whippoorwills

Will own all of it.


But mostly there’s the silence

How recently I didn’t know you so well

You all bring me nurturing peace

And I love you for that.



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