I am standing with my feet placed evenly on the floor below my shoulders.

There is a slight bend in my knees, and my arms are resting

comfortably at my sides. My head is bent forward at the neck

such that my face is parallel to the floor.


My eyes are closed as I begin to sway gently from side to side.

Soon I let the momentum of my body create a gently swaying motion,

and I allow my arms to flow easily across my chest. I bounce gently in my knees as I swing, slowly raising my face upward toward the ceiling.


Suddenly, I stand up straight, head facing front, snapped to attention.

I raise my arms up above my head and reach as far as I can until I am up

on the tips of my toes. When I can reach no further, I let the

weight of my body help me collapse into and onto the floor.

I am all breath and giggles and blushing cheeks.


I am three years old.  I am dancing.  I am happy.

-Takiyah Nur Amin



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