Granddotters are just lovely things.


They smile and frisk a lot

and sometimes they play

with puppies and kittens

And sometimes they pretend

that they are puppies

and kittens.


Imagine that.


They often make up wondrous stories

about things they’ve imagined

in their minds

Then sometimes they are the story

first they imagine it

then they just do it.


Imagine that.


Sometimes, oh not often at all,

they get a tad sad

and dr



But it doesn’t last long

because a granddotter, you see,

is a beautiful spirit.


Beautiful like

puppies and kittens

and wondrous imaginary stories

and shining eyes and frisky legs

and sitting quietly and thinking

and teasing grandpas.


Granddotters are just lovely things,

just like Cheryl.


I can imagine that!






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