There’s Only Us, The Best of Friends




We are the best of friends, God and I;

We walk together through green pastures

And, sometimes on quiet mornings, beside the tinkling still waters

Of Mink Run Creek, where God restores my soul.

God led me to these pristine acres, you know,

To serve as temporary steward, for a while.

*          *          *

We go to the very same church, God and I;

I found out about that when I said to God, I asked:

“Which church do you go to?” And God laughed at me;

Abashed, I asked: “Well then, which doctrines are the right doctrines?”

And God laughed even harder – and not with me, but at me;

After a while, finally, I got it – about our one church I mean.

*          *          *


We’re in the same image, God and I;

Back before I understood that – all misled, foolish and vain –

I asked God: “Should I let my beard grow longer?”

Then God laughed hardest of all, and God said to me:

“Can you think? Reason? Feel emotions? Place love above indifference?”

Finally I got that too, the image-of-God thing I mean.

*          *          *

I whacked my ankle real bad as we walked, God and I,

On trash some fool had thrown down, right where people would walk,

Thus did it come to pass:  I asked forgiveness for taking God’s name in vain:

“Do you presume to know what I want?” God asked, and truthfully I answered “No”;

“Do you tell others what I want them to do?” God asked; again in truth I answered “No”;

“Then forget it,” God told me, “only free will choices and intentions matter.”

*          *          *


Then with my free will, in God’s image, I reasoned, and pondered, and I thought –

For quite a long while, too – not as good as God, but the best that I could do;

At long last I realized Who I am, Where I came from, and – Purposefully – Why;

I/We Knew:  stardust evolved, integral host, materially enabling Me/Us a temporal while.

Gratefully, I/We overflow:  Endless delight, Infinite Light, Love Unconditional Is;

And now, Understanding – I/We Know:  There are no fools. There’s only Us.

©William D. Coffey

February 2017


2 thoughts on “There’s Only Us, The Best of Friends

  1. I really love this. I’m honored to know you, Mr. Coffey. Keep writing from the heart.
    Charlie Pearl

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