Grow Therefore


Men had more strength for lifting and harvesting, therefore they were worth more than women.

Ancient Navaho lore


Women had more nurturing strength for raising up the next generations, therefore they would come to be valued for this as were the men for their physical strength.

Ancient 20th-century lore


Growing in knowledge, in understanding, in wisdom and in spirit, the better to help each other grow, would become known as all men and all women’s mutual purpose, therefore both would finally grow to value each other equally.

Ancient 23rd-century lore


Life here was recognized as an ultimate loving gift affording the opportunity to experience opposites in order to grow and become more—therefore, to feel and to take on the responsibility to strengthen life, nurture life, and consciously pursue a lifetime of growing in love that sustains all living things and the living earth itself, was the highest value over all other values then, now and for all the ages to come.

Most ancient human lore of all


*         *          *



William D. Coffey, October 2020



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