Why do we have to struggle so

to put away the evils in us

and all around us

so ubiquitous

in shame


To overcome racial prejudice

To end unequal rights for women

To terminate cherishing gro$$ inequality

To stop oppressing the already oppressed poor

To quit mistreating those born gender ambiguous

To cease abusing already disadvantaged immigrants

To stop hating long enough to

Introduce empathy to the hearts of those who—if they could

reinstitute slavery, banish woman suffrage,

restore feudalism, starve the poor,

deport immigrants, kill gays—

they surely would do so,

all over again

without any

trace of



Unexamined urges thriving in middling minds

lusting to rise by pushing others down

passionately voting reactionary

oblivious to self interest

trumping shame

unaware of



Can hearts acknowledge any purpose

greater then helping others,

and attaining knowledge,

with  understanding

and  wisdom

and  love,

just like



William D. Coffey

April 2019


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