Listen, Phoebus, to the stillness;  raise your eyes—it’s New Year’s Eve;

See the constellations revel;  Time and Time now interweave.


Cold the passing of the old age of the Herald Christ, the Child,

Full two thousand years of striving soon to pass away, so mild,

Ushered in with hope and promise, and the Teacher’s word to guide,

Men, as children, in their quest again to Know God, and abide.


Sirius sees our generations, how we failed to help each other,

Free-willed sparks from His Own Spirit, failing yet to help our Brother;

See Orion’s Belt full blazing, though in sorrow hangs his head

For the unfulfill’ed promise:  the Millennium is dead.

*          *          *


Now see Magellanic Clouds!  Primal mass of new creation;

Hope in mystery springs eternal:  there shall yet be adoration.


Aquarius flares bright:  a Christ child;  do you feel the new vibrations?

Does your spirit sense the promise of the peace for future nations?

When old Terra’s stilled her axis, when the tumult’s passed away,

Freshened Earth in sweet renewal shall proceed to brighter day.


New Year’s Eve’s the harbinger, just as John—who came before—

Venus there in loving beauty shall see grace from Mankind pour;

And the love of future ages, lifting Us, our place to be

In purest spiritual endeavor, filling age-old prophesy,

Having learned at last, and carried out the Mandate Plan Divine:

Attain Wisdom;  Love thy Brother;  Now return, For Thou Art Mine.



William D. Coffey

January 1, 2000, early in the stilly night


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