Show time about one hour. The timeless story of the Prodigal Son is retold in modern context through a dozen pieces of music in two acts. The songs unfold Prodigal’s long story of fall and redemption by telling it through several parables (Good Samaritan; Lost Sheep; etc), and these parables are incorporated under the umbrella of the Prodigal son’s own parable. For production pemissions contact the composer by email (dscoffey9@mis.net). WAIVER OF ROYALTIES is available to any church or non-profit community theater group on request; I ask only that you credit authorship, and provide me the date(s) and location of your production and a copy of your program handout. Piano scores are provided free here; if you write orchestrations I request complete copies.

Click on your choice of music titles below to view (and print) THE PARABLES sheet music: